Before you start your new business, you need to determine the type of business organization you will have. Learn more about business organizations and the differences between them.
a young woman running a single member LLC
Single-Member LLCs and Operating Agreements
Partnership Income Tax
A Guide to Partnership Income Taxes
What Is a Joint Venture?
What Is a Joint Venture?
What is a subsidiary?
What Is a Subsidiary Company?
Business owner talking to accountant on the phone about his business taxes.
LLC Tax Advantages and Disadvantages Explained
Man looking at clipboard
How to Change or Deactivate an EIN
LLC and Corporation - What's the Difference?
LLC or Corporation - What's the Right Choice?
Businessman leading presentation at projection screen in conference room meeting
How to Elect S Corporation Status
Man Calculating the S-Corporation Income Taxes
How an S Corporation Pays Taxes and Avoids Double Taxation Problems
Business owners signing paperwork, incorporating as either a C corp or an S corp.
How Forming a C Corporation or an S Corporation Affects Your Taxes
Selecting a Business Organization Type
Changing Articles of Incorporation
How Do I Change My Corporate Articles of Incorporation?
Mature Adult man filing extension for business taxes
How Long Is a Business Tax Return Extension?
S Corporation Election
7 Myths about S Corporations - Explained
LLC Taxed as Corporation
Should I Elect to Have My LLC Taxed as a Corporation or S Corp?
Business colleagues having meeting
Calculating and Reporting Corporate Officer Salaries
A business owner in her shop
Sole Proprietor Tax Responsibilities
man and woman working in a landscaping business
What Is a Qualified Joint Venture for Spouses?
All About the Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Know the Facts about LLC Businesses Before Starting One
Discussing tax forms
Income Tax Options for LLC Owners
couple sitting on couch filing paperwork with computer in front of them
How To File Articles of Organization for an LLC
Business Tax - LLC vs. S Corporation
What are the Tax Differences Between an S Corporation and an LLC?
Coworkers volunteering at food kitchen after work
What Is a B Corporation?
a business man and woman meeting in an office
The Benefits and Drawbacks of Working for a Husband or Wife's Business
Sole Proprietor as Business Owner
What Makes a Sole Proprietorship So Unique?
Corporation income tax guide
A Guide to Filing Corporate Income Taxes
Business owners discuss the process of forming a limited liability company
Partnership vs. LLC: What's the Difference?
person filling in paycheck
How Does an LLC Owner Get Paid?
All About Holding Companies
Should I Form a Holding Company for My Businesses?
businessmen forming a domestic LLC
A Look at the Differences in Foreign and a Domestic LLCs and Corporations
What to Include in an LLC Operating Agreement
What Should I Include in an LLC Operating Agreement?
Fashion designers working together in their studio
Changing Your Business Legal Type From One Type to Another
Small business owner on phone doing paperwork in workshop
What Does Limited Liability Mean?
How to Register a Foreign LLC
How to Register Your LLC as a Foreign LLC
LLC Myths
5 Myths about LLC's - And the Truth
Business Valuation
Learn About Business Valuation and What Its Purpose Is
An Owner Taking a Draw From His Company Illustrated as a Man Hauling Away Fruit From a Tree
What Is an Owner's Draw?
Older male carpenter studying a laptop in a workshop
How Various Business Types Pay Income Taxes
Business people shaking hands in conference room
Selling Your Business? How to Get the Best Terms
1930s-era man at a desk in an office writing in a business checkbook
What Are LLC Guaranteed Payments?
Cafe workers in a microbusiness
What Is a Microbusiness?