Find information about business taxes, including home-based business taxes and disregarded entities.
illustration of a person filling out a form 8832 in front of a businessperson. the text on the illustration describes quick facts about filing for a corporation or s corporation status.
Changing Your LLC Tax Status to a Corporation or S Corp
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Tax and Legal Issues to Check Before You Start a Business Abroad
Garage sale items on a front lawn
Having a Garage Sale or Yard Sale? What to Do First
Barter and Business Taxes
Does Your Business Barter? How Barter Affects Taxes
New small business designing own website
How to Copyright and Protect Your Business Website Contents
unhappy looking businessmen
Best Way to End a Business Partnership — Make a Plan
Businesswomen discussing project on digital tablet
Clearing Up Confusion About Disregarded Entities
Small business owners shaking hands with a consultant who will need to see their business requirements document.
How to Prepare a Business Requirements Document for a Business Project
Woman calculating business taxes
The #1 Rule You Need for Business Tax Planning
business owner or employee
Business Owner or Employee? You Need to Know the Difference
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Claiming Business Losses on Your Tax Return
Man using a calculator to determine his business' net earnings for tax purposes.
How to Calculate Net Earnings for Business Taxes
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How Does Self-Employment Affect Social Security Benefits?
Man using mobile phone in home office
Taking a Home Office Deduction to Shrink Your Tax Bill
business pays property taxes in Virginia
How are Business Property Taxes Calculated and Paid?
What Is a VAT Tax? What Are Its Benefits and Drawbacks?
Retail Sales Tax Process for Businesses
How to Pay State and Online Sales Taxes in 9 Steps
Self-employment Taxes Explained
What's the Difference Between Self-Employment and Employment Tax?
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A Principal Place of Business and Home Business Tax Deductions
VAT Tax Benefits and Drawbacks
Who Do You Turn to As a Tax Representative When the IRS Audits Your Business?
How Much Tax Does a Small Business Pay?
All the Taxes Your Business Must Pay
employer shared responsibility affordable care act
Basics of the Employer Shared Responsibility Mandate of Obamacare
a business woman working on a laptop in a retail store
What Is Asset Basis?
Image shows a parent with a small child on their lap. Text reads: "Is my case eligible for the federal tax refund offset program? The tax refunds of individuals who owe back child support can be intercepted by the government through the federal tax refund offset program. Not all delinquent child support cases qualify. If the child support recipient receives temporary assistance for needy families, child support must be at least $150 in arrears. If the recipient does not receive assistance, child support must be at least $500 in arrears."
How to Intercept Tax Refunds to Cover Unpaid Child Support
The way a company accounts for investments in other businesses depends on the total percentage of outstanding shares it owns. In some cases, it's possible for millions of dollars in profit not to be reported on the income statement due to the rules!
How Timing Income and Expenses Can Save Money for Your Business
business associates having a meeting
What Should Be Included in a Board Meeting Minutes Template?
envelopes stamped with "final notice" and "past due" stamped on them
Comparing Collections Agencies and Small Claims Court for Collections
what is the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion?
What's the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion?
Attentive businesswoman listening in conference audience
What Are Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs)?
Business owner
How to Calculate and Pay Self-Employment Taxes
Tax forms on top of an American flag with handcuffs, representing the legal trouble that can arise from tax evasion.
3 Biggest Tax Mistakes Businesses Make
Male business owner checking inventory of jeans in new retail space
Single-Member LLC Tax Questions and Answers
Woman pays at gas station pump using debit or credit card
How To Report and Pay Excise Taxes for a Business
Business Tax Deductions and Credits
8 Great Year-end Business Tax Planning Tips
Businessperson working from front seat of car during travel
Deducting Business Travel to and From a Home Business
Businessman using graphs on screen
What Capital Gains and Losses Mean for a Business
Sales Taxes for Home Business
How To Collect Sales Tax in Your Home Based Business
Man seated at a desk with laptop calculating business expenses
What Is IRS Form 8829?
Businessmen discussing tax documents in a meeting
What Is a Disregarded Entity?
home office deduction
The Simplified Home Office Deduction Option: Find Out if You Can Use It
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How Self-employment Taxes Work
IRS Audit of Home Business
How to Prepare for an IRS Audit to Your Home Office
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Here Are Some Tips on How to Pay Self-Employment and FICA Taxes
Obsolete Business Assets
How the Term Obsolete Is Used in Business Accounting
A couple meeting with a businessman
Here Are Some Tips for Hiring a Tax Specialist for Small Business
Frustrated woman in front of stacks of files
Business Principles That Companies Must Grasp to Avoid Going Bankrupt
Obmacare Reporting for Employers
Sorting Out the Employer Reporting Requirements of Obamacare
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What Is Constructive Receipt?
How Dividends are Taxed
How are Dividends Taxed?
Businesswoman discussing an appraisal with her business appraiser
What Is a Business Appraiser?
Corporate Inversions Explained - with Examples
Corporate Inversion and Tax Reform
Business Tax Changes - 2015
Small Business Tax Changes to Help You Prepare 2019 Taxes
A pile of paper folders with a small clock sitting on top
Tax Return Due Dates for 2020 Small Business Taxes
Cafe owner working on tablet
How a Single-Member Limited Liability Company Works
Businesswoman using laptop
Best Small Business Tax Software of 2021
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What Are Self-Employment Taxes?