Starting an Organic Farm

Learn all about how to plan for a successful organic farm, from the soil up. Get tips about finding organic farmland, choosing the best crops, writing an organic farm business plan, and other organic farm basics.
What You Should Know About Vertical Farming
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How Much Does It Cost to Get Organic Certification?
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Grow Light Options for Indoor and Vertical Farming
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These 8 Free Online Resources Can Make Organic Farming Easier
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Could Your Hydroponics Greenhouse Be Certified Organic?
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10 U.S. Colleges With Organic Agricultural Programs
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Value-Added Products for Organic Farms
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10 Questions About Organic Labels, Certified Organic, and USDA standards
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9 Products That Qualify for Organic Certification
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What Is Organic Farming?
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Eating Bugs: Are Edible Insects a Sustainable Food Alternative?
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How Organic Farming Benefits the Environment
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What to Know Before You Transition Your Farm to Certified Organic
Considerations for a Beginning Organic Farmer
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Is Organic Farming a Good Career Choice?
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Organic Farmland Requirements
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Is Organic Livestock Production More Humane?
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A List of the Places Where Small Farms Can Sell Organic Goods
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Discover the top advantages of organic farming
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Top Skills New Organic Farmers Need to Be Successful
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Do You Need Organic Certification? Here's How to Find an Agent
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A Guide to Organic Verses Non-Organic Seeds