Small Business Financials

The owner of a small business performs analysis of financial statements in order to see where the firm is, where it has been, and where it should go. Read about the different tools to forecast a firm's financial needs.
Investment forms and online portfolio
How to File SEC Form D
Calculating a stock's market-to-book financial ratio with a pen and calculator.
How Analysts Use the Market to Book Financial Ratio to Assess Value
Image shows an instructor at a chalkboard gesturing to the board. On it is the Dupont model drawn in chalk. Text reads: "The dupont model" and a flow chart to follow.
What You Should Know About Profitability Ratio Analysis
Business people reviewing company financial data in meeting
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Ratio Analysis for Business
Female accountant keying in numbers
What Is a Gearing Ratio?
Man watches stock prices on a computer
What Is the Market Price per Share?
Back to School Shopping At Wal-Mart
Total Asset Turnover Ratio: How Is It Calculated?
man using smartphone calculator
Learn How to Calculate Operating Profit Margin for Your Business
Solvency ratios
What Are Solvency Ratios?
Dollar Jigsaw Puzzle
Ratios to Assess a Company
Coworkers discuss net profit margin
What Is Net Profit Margin?
Female small business owner making a financial report of her company from a pie chart on his laptop while sitting in an exclusive restaurant
How to Prepare a Statement of Retained Earnings
Business team having a meeting to review their income statement
Tips on How to Prepare a Common Size Income Statement Analysis
Businessperson working on calculating their cash flow margin at a desk surrounded by calculator, iPad, and computer.
The Formula for Calculating a Company's Cash Flow Margin
Business people reviewing data in meeting
How Your Firm Can Generate Sales With Efficiency and Turnover Ratios
Twenty Dollar Bills Are Printed At The Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Why Cash Flow and Profit Aren't the Same Thing
Business people a cash flow statement
The Firm's Cash Position Through the Cash Flow Statement
Analyzing cash flow
Comparative Balance Sheets for a Business
two men talking over paperwork
What Is the Average Collection Period Ratio?
Businesswomen with Paperwork Talking Face to Face
How to Interview Bookkeepers for Your Business
Female small business owner packaging merchandise at laptop in workshop
Small Biz Owner's Guide to Preparing an Income Statement
Business technology and trading concept Asian businessman standing and using the smart mobile phone
What Are Market Value Ratios and How Are They Used?
Motorcycle shop owner working late at laptop behind counter
Is Your Business Successful? Understanding Fixed Asset Turnover Ratio
Business person stressed over possible bankruptcy
Small Business and Business Bankruptcy
Small business owner doing finances
What Is Financial Ratio Analysis?
Businesswoman leading meeting in startup office
When You Can Claim Business Meetings You Attend as a Tax Deduction
Accountant holding a pen and using calculators to analyze a company's balance sheet.
Calculate ROI with the Dupont Model
Small business owner doing calculations using financial statements in a retail shop.
What to Know About the Relationship Between Three Financial Statements
Business Credit Cards
Ways to Improve Your Company's Business Credit Score
Analyst reviewing a business's capital structure
What Is Capital Structure?
Businesswoman discussing project with coworkers
How Quickly Should Your Business Grow?
Debt you owe. Equity you own.
The Debt-to-Equity Ratio: Measuring Financial Risk
Investor tracking the equity of one of his investments
What Is Equity?
Business owner checking finances
What Is Burn Rate?
Businesswoman writing on white board
What Is Net Working Capital?
Female hand stack coins to shown concept of saving money
Use Salaries, Wages, and Other Items for Deductions
Person calculating business ratios using charts and a calculator.
How to Test Business Liquidity with the Quick Ratio
Close up businessman gesturing in conference room meeting
Categories of Profitability Ratios and Examples for Your Business
Two engineers discussing project design in office
Contract Labor Versus Employee: What's Right for Your Business
Man accounting for receipts in a journal
What Is the Average Collection Period?
Serious business owner working at laptop in a cafe
An Easy Way to Prepare a Balance Sheet
Woman performing inventory management
Learn About Asset Turnover Ratios to Help You Generate Revenue
Computer and graph on a table, calculating the ROI ratio of an investment.
Calculate the ROI on Your Investment
Business owner on phone talking about debt ratios with an accountant.
Use Financial Leverage Ratios to Measure the Solvency of Your Business
Cartoon of a man using a watering can to pour money into a development project.
Calculating and Using the Long-Term Debt to Total Capitalization Ratio
Close up of stock certificate
What Is Earnings Per Share or EPS?
Small business owner calculating finances
What Is Gross Profit Margin?
Ripple of water over dollar bills
Liquidity Ratios for Business Insights
Business people reviewing data in meeting
What Is the Return on Equity Ratio or ROE?
Modern Office Shoot
How to Capitalize a Start-Up Company
Mature businessman paying through credit card at hotel reception
Develop an Effective Employee Credit Card Policy
Businesspeople making handshakes, at restaurant
5 Facts You Need to Know About Trade Finance
Business associates negotiating deal, cropped Credit: PhotoAlto/Eric Audras
Defining a Going Concern in Business and the Involvement of Auditors
Woman in yellow top typing on a laptop surrounded by papers in a kitchen
Calculating Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)
What Is the Cash Ratio?
balance sheet for financial ratio analysis tutorial
Manage Your Firm With This Financial Ratio Analysis Tutorial
Current Ratio Calculation and Analysis
Calculate Liquidity Position Using Financial Ratio Analysis
Man doing paperwork
How to Calculate and Use the Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio
Business people working late at computers in office
What Is Book Value per Share?
Debt Management Ratios Tutorial