How to Set Up Your Business

Ready to set up a home business? Here are the resources you will need to be successful, including steps for starting a business, registering a business, creating a marketing identity, and writing a business plan.
Woman writing business plan in home business office
How to Write a Home Business Plan
Create your daily schedule for max productivity and profits.
How to Organize Your Home Business Workday
Employees look at the job titles and hierarchy on the organization chart.
How to Write the Organization and Management Section of Your Biz Plan
Registering a Home Business
How to make your home business legal.
A tree made of money representing getting funding for your business.
How to Ask for Money to Finance Your Home Business
10 Ways to Design a Website on a Budget
How to Create an Action Plan to Achieve Your Home Business Goals
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Start Your Own Online Marketing Business
Marketing Plan
Writing the Marketing and Sales Plan Section of Your Business Plan
Worker placing blackboard in grocery store
Follow These 8 Steps to Create Your Business Identity and Brand Image
Home Office Set Up
How to Set Up Your Home Office for Success
Establishing protocols that will ensure success
How to Write the Product and Services Section of Your Business Plan
A blank editorial calendar on a desk with a pen and a cup of coffee.
How to Create a Content Editorial Calendar
How Situational Leadership Skills Can Benefit Entrepreneurs
Businessman standing on op of ladder talking into large megaphone supported by coworker
Tips to Building a Team of Raving Fans Who Buzz About Your Business
Office Plants
Best Indoor Plants for Your Home Office
Bullet Journal for Home Business
How to Be Productive and Organized With a Bullet Journal
Woman writing on paper working on computer from her home business
Get Organized With These 3 Easy Home Business Filing Systems
Stack of pages
16 Questions to Answer to Business Plan for Your Home Business
How to Turn Your Hobby into a Small Business