Resolving Business Disputes

As a business owner there are many ways to handle disputes. We'll help you understand the legal process and determine when to consult a lawyer.
Cheerful medical coworkers enjoy staff meeting
What Is a Caucus?
Collections Agency vs. Small Claims Court
What Happens in Small Claims Court -- Know What to Expect
Handshake in office meeting room
Common Restrictive Covenants in Business Contracts
Business owner worried about finances
How To Survive an IRS Audit of Your Business
Businesswoman telling secret to businessman
How to Defend Yourself Against a Defamation Charge
A judge banging a gavel in a courtroom.
7 Things To Know Before Taking a Case to Court
Many companies focus sales around the NCAA March Madness
Here Is Why Your March Madness® Sales Event Is Illegal
How Tax Court Works
Taking a Taxpayer Case to Tax Court - What Happens?
Property Foreclosure Sign
Overview of Foreclosures on Business Property
Worried surgeon
What is Negligence?
Financial Lawyer Meeting
How Much Will a Tax Lawyer Cost Your Small Business?
Indemnity, Indemnify, Indemnification
The Concept of Indemnity - a Clear, Concise Explanation
Street view of the United State Patent and Trademark Office Headquarters, Alexandria, VA
How to Register a Trademark Internationally
Incorporator or Organizer for Business Startup
How and Why You Should Register Your Business Name
changing business, making business changes
How to Change Your Business Name
Small Claims Court Hearing Document
7 Tips for Success in Small Claims Court
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Here Is a Look at How the Arbitration Works in Business Disputes
Man in a suit at a desk, pointing a pen at evidence
How the Discovery Process Works in Business Lawsuits
Family working together in family-owned business
What to Do Before Hiring a Family Member
Young man running a cash-only coffee shop
Important Facts You Need to Know About a Cash Business
Gavel resting on a map, representing a small claims court judgement.
How to Get Your Small Claims Money
How to Correct Errors in Legal Documents
Correct Errors in Business Documents and Forms
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What Does Piercing the Corporate Veil Mean?
Businessman signing documents
Be Very Cautious When Considering a Contract with a Minor
Closing a Business
A Step-By-Step Process for Closing Your Business
Client considering contract terms before signing
What Terms Should Be Included in an Employment Contract?
Tips for Reading a Business Contract
5 Tips for Reading a Business Contract
Lawyer and client talking in court with the attorney blocking the court's microphone with his hand.
Here's How to Make a More Impressionable Appearance in Court
verbal contracts, legal contracts
Is a Verbal Contract Legal? Yes, in Some Cases
Man working in a food truck.
Do I Need a Health Permit for My Business?
Mediation and Arbitration Explained
How to Resolve Business Disputes with Arbitration or Mediation
The small claims process begins with filing complaints and forms.
How to Take Someone to Small Claims Court
Couple at an arbitration meeting across table from an arbitrator
What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Arbitration?
Copyright symbol in cloudy sky
Protect Your Creative Works With Copyright
Business Contracts That Must Be in Writing
What Kinds of Business Contracts Must Be in Writing?
How to Write a Letter of Indemnity
How to Write a Letter of Indemnity (and When You Need One)
Businessman in discussion with colleagues
What Is International Arbitration?
Pub owners reviewing paperwork
What Is an Indemnity Agreement?