If you're going to succeed in the marketing world, you need to speak the language. Check out our glossary of common marketing terms to gain a deeper understanding of how marketing works in the business world.
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What Are Potential Markets?
Business people having a discussion
What Entry-Level Marketing Jobs Are Available for College Grads?
Building partnerships to increase productivity
What You Need to Know About Integrated Marketing Communications
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The Role, Responsibilities, and Skills of a Marketing Consultant
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What Is Advertising Research?
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Find out Which Marketing Career Best Fits Your Personality
The Difference between Marketing and Advertising
What Differentiates Marketing and Advertising
Marketing Firm
How Does a Marketing Firm Grow Your Business?
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What Is Lifestyle Segmentation?
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Learn About Sponsorship and How to Use It to Improve Marketing
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The Impact Promotional Mix Can Have on Your Marketing
Employees Creating a Media Strategy
How to Build Your Business by Creating a Media Strategy
publicity process
What Is Publicity?
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Marketing Careers With the Best Future Outlook
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What Is Crowdsourcing Marketing?
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What Is the Cost per Rating Point (CPP) Calculation?
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What Is the Importance of a Creative Strategy to Marketing?
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The Who, What, and How of Creative Marketing
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How a Payment Threshold Pays Affiliates in Marketing
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Learn About Perceived Risk and How to Overcome It With Messaging
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Ad Copy and How Is It Used in Marketing
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How Much Money You Could Make As a Marketing Consultant
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The A to Z Glossary of Marketing Terms
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Is a Career in Marketing Right For You?
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What Is a Tagline?
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What Is Return on Ad Spend, or ROAS?
World News
Circulation and Density in Target Markets
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Counter-Advertising and How It Is Used to Benefit an Advertiser
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What Does an Advertising Manager Do?
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What Is Industrial Advertising?
Woman at computer writing a positioning statement for her business
Easy Steps to Writing Your Brand's Positioning Statement
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Learn the Meaning of a Marketing Vehicle and What It Is Used For
Key Success Factors
An Inside Look at the Key Success Factors in Marketing
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Market Reach: What It Is and Why It's Important
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What Is a Marketing Objective?
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What a Reference Groups Is in Marketing and Why It Is Important
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What a Marketing Mix Is and Why It Is Important to Your Business
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What Is Target Market Identification?
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How to Create an Advertising Plan
Selling Orientation
Learn About Selling Orientation and Why Is It Important
Nonprofit Marketing
What Is Nonprofit Marketing?
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How Brand Identity Is Defined and the Role It Plays in Marketing
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Motivation Research and How It Is Used in Marketing
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The Difference Between Marketing, Advertising, and Sales
Marketing Jobs
Find or Post Your Marketing Jobs Online
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The Pros and Cons of Competition-Oriented Pricing