Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is an important subject for global businesses and small businesses alike. Learn how to create an efficient supply chain in any economic climate and deal with issues with your supply chain operation.
Young woman in storeroom of a bicycle repair shop
Maintenance, Repair, and Operating Supplies (MRO)
Worker inside a food distribution warehouse
7 Ways To Optimize Your End-to-End Supply Chain
Two people wearing lab coats working in a laboratory
How the Pharmaceutical Industry's cGMP Regulations Protect Consumers
Checking the numbers
Are You Optimizing Costs and Customer Delivery With a Supply Chain?
hand holding smartphone with AR application for check order pick time in smart factory warehouse, technology interface global partner connection for Logistic Import Export background
Export Processing Zones (EPZ)
Worker in a food distribution warehouse
Optimizing This Important Supply Chain
Supply chain terminology
The Living Supply Chain Glossary
Worried Execs
If Your Company's Acquired, Here's the Second Thing You Need to Do
A warehouse manager checks inventory levels
What Is a Just-in-Time Supply Chain?
Lean supply chain includes procurement, manufacturing, warehousing, and transportation.
An Expert's Guide to Lean Supply Chain Management
Worker taking inventory in a warehouse using his laptop
Is Holding Inventory a Supply Chain Asset or Liability?
Foremen supervising shipping containers being moved as part of the supply chain.
How to Pick the Best Supply Chain for Your Product
Food Supply Chain
Buying Groceries Online May Revolutionize Food Supply Chain
Warehouse workers discussing with clipboard while working
Days of Inventory: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Calculate It
Woman watching screen with pen in hand
Understanding the Health of Your Company With an Item Master
Department of Transportation worker holding clipboard conducting inspections on commercial vehicles
What to Expect When the Department of Transportation Inspects Your CMV
Driver and supervisor reviewing paperwork
How Long Is a Truck Driver Allowed to Drive For?
Overhead view of several commercial semi trucks at a loading dock
What Does a DOT Auditor Look for in a Logbook
Truck driver in cab
How Do CSA Points Affect Transportation Drivers?
Another back order?
Supply Chain Options: Back Order vs. Backlog
Trucks in queue at shipping terminal, Port of Los Angeles, California, United States
Protect Your Business by Understanding Different Freight Charges
Trucker driving a delivery
What Are Transportation Accessorial Fees?
Supply Chain Inventory
How to Cycle Count Your Inventory
A driver-for-hire, over-the-road, semi-truck driver on Interstate 80 in Wyoming
What Is a For-Hire Carrier?
Meeting between client and adviser.
Negotiate Like a Pro During the Purchasing Process
Supervisor discussing with worker at warehouse
Here Are Basic Tips to Help You With Negotiating Freight Contracts
What Is a Public Warehouse?
A man working on a production line by a conveyor belt
A Guide on Production Routing in Manufacturing and the Purpose
a woman taking Inventory in a stockroom.
Learn About Stockout Costs and Effects on Supply Chain and Logistics
New Toyota Production Line Opens
The Origins and Principles of Lean Manufacturing
Discarded foam packaging stacked on concrete
The Properties of Corn Starch Packaging Material
Windsor - Detroit Crossing
North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and Agriculture
Worker scanning and processing boxes on conveyor belt in distribution warehouse
Reducing Waste in the Supply Chain
dog and man inspecting cargo at airport
Certified Cargo Screening Program – CCSP
Inside of a warehouse
Cross-Docking in the Warehouse
Truck drivers at maritime facilities in the U.S need a TWIC
Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC): Who Can Apply?
Maritime Worker
How To Obtain A TWIC Card
Female worker scanning boxes in warehouse rack
What Is Kanban?
On-Time Delivery!
How to Measure On-Time Order Shipments & Delivery
Taking inventory
Cycle Count or Physical Inventory?
Top 10
The Top 9 Reasons You Do Not Have 100% Inventory Accuracy
Exterior of a Walmart supercenter
3 Strategic Initiatives from Walmart's 'Project Impact'
Mayor And Lt. Gov-Elect Newsom Attends A Lowe's Store Grand Opening
Inventory Carrying Costs - Components and Considerations
Supplier Selection
How to Evaluate a Vendor
Michigan Ford Plant Manufactures New Hybrid Transmissions
Get a Full-Fledged Introduction to the Manufacturing Process
Worker with stock aluminum reels
How to Ensure Quality in Your Purchasing and Supply Chain
Businessperson creating a Sales and Operations Planning PowerPoint
An Overview to Sales and Operations Planning
Wooden Pallets
7 Pallet Storage Methods for Your Warehouse
Female worker pulls box off of warehouse shelf
How to Manage Your Order and Setup Costs
FedEx, previously known as Federal Express, is a major player in the package delivery market.
How Did the Delivery Service Federal Express Become FedEx?
Employee processing a customer return
What Are Reverse Logistics?
Businessman and worker with digital tablet and paperwork in warehouse
Learn the Best Way to Maximize Your Warehouse Space Utilization
Portrait of smiling truck driver leaning out window
Here Is a Guide to Less Than Truckload (LTL) Carriers
Customer paying at credit card reader in market
Operating a Procurement Card Program
Businessman in counselling interview with customer
Request for Proposal Document (RFP)
Delivery person with packages,close up
What Are Supply Chain Performance Metrics?
A woman conducting an inventory count in a warehouse
Top Things to Do Before You Conduct a Physical Count of Your Inventory
Men working on parts in a factory
Types of Bills of Materials (BOMs) Used in Product Manufacturing
An Airborne Express plane on a runway
Airborne Express - History and Description
Supply Chain Inventory
Public Warehousing in the Supply Chain