Independent Contractors & Employee Issues

Understand the nuances of independent contractors and employees, including factors the IRS looks at to determine independent contractor status.
Construction worker measuring structure on site
Sole Proprietor vs. Independent Contractor Explained
A small business owner works with his accountant to file 1099-MISC forms.
Who Should Receive Form 1099-MISC?
Woman at her home, holds coffee cup and finishing paperwork
What is Backup Withholding?
Graphic Designer At Work
10 Facts You Should Know About Independent Contractors
This illustration shows a 1099-NEC form for tax year 2020.
How to Report and Pay Taxes on Your 1099-NEC Income
Illustration of taxes and papers in an inbox
Everything You Should Know Before Preparing Form 1099-MISC
Young woman using laptop
Benefits to Filing Forms W-2 and 1099-NEC Online
Image shows two women at a table exchanging a stack of papers, with other papers floating around the room with their labels below. Text reads: "Documents needed for hiring an independent contractor: W-9, application, resume, a written contract"
3 Documents You Need When Hiring a Contract Worker
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Laws and Regulations Affecting Independent Contractor Status
Employee or Independent Contractor?
Want to Avoid Being Audited? Check Status of Independent Contractors
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How the IRS Determines Independent Contractor Status
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Should I Hire an Employee or a Contract Worker?
Being an Independent Contractor
What Is an Independent Contractor?
Employees and independent contractors working in a busy office.
IRS Section 530 Relief for Independent Contractors
Independent contractor reviewing her independent contractor agreement on her laptop in her home office
Important Terms to Include in an Independent Contractor Agreement
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Before you hire a household employee - What you need to know
Sales co-workers discussing work.
Learn About Sales People Being Employees vs Independent Contractors
Employees discuss work project in the office
What Is Work for Hire?
Business people holding question marks in front of their faces representing the question of whether they are classified as employees or independent contractors.
Independent Contractor or Employee - What's the Difference?
Upset man reading a Backup Withholding Notice
What to Do With an IRS Backup Withholding Notice
Business people reviewing contract while meeting with female excutive
Should You Give Employees Employment Contracts? The Pros and Cons
This illustration describes 7 key 1099 forms including "1099 K - Payment card & third-party network transctions," "1099-MISC "Rent, royalty, attorney fees, etc.," "1099-DIV Dividends and distributions," "1099-INT Interest income," "1099-NEC Payments to non-employees," "1099-R Distributions for retirement or profit-sharing plans, IRAs," "1099-B Proceeds from broker or barter exchange transactions."
1099 Forms Your Business Might Prepare or Receive

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