Marketing & Sales

A collection of informative articles and other resources for marketing and advertising a home business, including how to improve sales and suggestions for Internet marketing for home business promotion.
Business owner studying charts and data on marketing
What Are the Elements of a Marketing Mix?
Free Logo Design Tools
7 Cheap Logo Maker Tools for Frugal Business Owners
Online Internet Marketing 101
Internet Marketing 101 for Small Businesses
Close up of a laptop with the Linkedin homepage open.
How to Create a Personalized LinkedIn Profile URL
A graphic designer using a tablet on a project
Low-Cost Easy to Use Online Graphics Design Software
Close up of the Google logo reflected in a woman's eye
Launch a New Career With Google AdWords Learning Center
Image shows a woman working at a project desk and thinking. In her thought bubble reads "Questions to ask yourself when creating a marketing plan: what's your business's current situation? How much will it cost? How will you execute your marketing plan? Who is your target market? What are your goals? What marketing tactics will you use?"
How to create a marketing plan for your home business.
A Linkedin badge can be created and linked to your website to let visitors easily access your profile.
How to Create a LinkedIn Badge for Your Website
How Facebook Works
How Does Facebook Work for Building a Home Business
Social media 'Like' symbol on keyboard
How to Choose a Facebook Page Type for Home Business
4 Easy Steps to Finding New Customers and Clients
Woman looking out from inside a laptop screen
How to Adjust Your Facebook Privacy Settings
Woman looking at chart
10 Free Ways to Market Your Home Business
Website planning wireframes
How to Create a Website Plan
Thumbs up "like" icon from Facebook.
Learn How to Create a Facebook Fan Page for Home Business
LinkedIn, Facebook, Snapchat and other phone Apps on iPhone screen
Find a Work At Home Job on LinkedIn
Businessman standing in front of a whiteboard in an office.
What Is Return on Investment or ROI?
What to share on social media
9 Social Media Sharing Ideas to Engage and Entertain Your Market
What you need to become an entrepreneur
What is an Entrepreneur?
Illustration of social media terms
10 Tips for Building an Engaged Social Media Following
Social Media Plan
How to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan for Home Business
50+ Effective Ways To Market Your Home Business
Increase sales
6 Strategies to Increase Sales and Profits in Your Home Business
Birds with Yellow and Blue Speech Bubbles
Six Ways to Build Your Home Business with Twitter
Megaphone with a speech bubble that says "Marketing"
Traditional vs. Internet Marketing: Which One Is Best?
Woman using laptop on sofa and drinking coffee
Learn How Promotional Copywriting Can Help Your Home Business
marketing features and benefits
Features vs. Benefits in Marketing and Why It Matters in Home Business
Market Your Business During the Holidays
9 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Home Businesss
A woman is sitting on a couch and talking with a couple next to her. A man is seated on her other side.
What is Mutli-Level Marketing (MLM)?
Pieces of direct mail marketing laying on a table
Using Direct Mail to Market a Home-Based Business
Woman drawing charts for a marketing plan in her agenda.
How to Get Your New Online Business Noticed
Stand Out From the Crowd
How to Make Your Home Business Stand out in the Crowd
Website Analytics
How to Collect and Interpret Website Analytics for Your Home Business
LinkedIn Corp on a computer screen
How to Manage Your Privacy on LinkedIn
Eco-friendly businessman blogging in office
Blog Marketing: What Is It and How to Do It
homemade business cards
How to Make and Print Business Cards at Home
best web design software
The 7 Best Web Design Softwares of 2022
Image shows a box of perfume in the various stages of packaging, online ordering, and shipment. Text reads: "Points to cover in a marketing strategy: price; product; place products sold; how to promote; people involved in delivering services"
Develop an Amazing Marketing Strategy for Your Home Business Plan
Fashion designers working in an office
Follow These Tips for a Compelling Brochure for Your Home Business