Are you ready to start your business but don't know how to finance it? Use these business resources to learn how to prepare a business plan and apply for financing.
What a Registered Agent Does
Do I Need a Registered Agent for My Business?
Preparing a Startup Balance Sheet
How to Prepare a Business Startup Balance Sheet
A woman working in a workshop
The Documents Needed for Business Valuation Information
steps to startup business
6 Key Small Business Financial Statements for Startup Financing
Female small business owner packaging merchandise at laptop in workshop
Crowdfunding Legal Issues for Small Businesses
Business owner sorting through paperwork and financials
Understanding Business Profit vs. Cash Flow
a business man contemplating with a marker in hand
The Most Important Thing Missing From Your Business Plan
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Here Is a Look at How the SBA Can Help Your Small Business
Entrepreneur talking with lender about a new business loan
How to Present a Business Loan Proposal
Close up of name tags on table, representing trademarking a name.
Can I Trademark My Personal Name?
Business licenses and permits
Business Licenses and Permits for Business Startup
Creating a Startup Costs Worksheet
Create a Startup Costs Worksheet for Your New Business
Registered trademark symbol
Trademarks and Service Marks - What's the Difference?
Two business man shaking hands
Learn About Using Trade Credit or Vendor Financing for Business Growth
annual report
How to Prepare a Profit and Loss Statement
a business man sitting at a desk with crumpled pieces of paper
Common Mistakes in Creating a Business Plan and How to Fix Them
Two employees hanging an open sign
What Is a Personal Guarantee for a Business Loan?
Spring 2016 retail store closings Macy's largest chains
Using Chapter 11 Business Bankruptcy to Restart Your Business
How Accounts Receivable Factoring Works
Selling Accounts Receivable to a Factor - What You Need to Know
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What Is an SBA 7(a) Loan?
Saying No to Business Loans
Why Banks Say NO to Business Startup Loans
Two business owners meeting with finance office to submit business loan proposal
The Key Steps for Putting Together a Successful Business Loan Proposal
Copyright vs Trademarks
Copyright or Trademark - What's the Difference?
Business Licenses Information
Does Your Business Need a Business License?
Growth line through a magnifying glass
5 Easy Steps to Creating a Break-Even Analysis
Close up woman using calculator and taking notes
What Is Lending?
Smiling mid adult male owner looking away while standing in food truck
When You Need a Business License or Permit
A woodworker plans their small business
What Is a Small Business Investment Company?
Business partners discuss a loan agreement with a lender
What Is a Business Loan Agreement?
Business owner secures commercial loan from bank
What Are Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Loans?
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Creating a Licensing Agreement to Benefit Both Parties
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What Is Personal Guarantee Insurance?
Businesswoman checking inventory
How Inventory Financing Works for Your Business