Headshot of Ella Ames

Ella Ames

Personal finance, small business
Business writer and editor
University of Dundee, Scotland



  • Written freelance for various outlets including The Balance, Cities of the Future, PopSugar, and more
  • Background in business journalism
  • Attended the University of Dundee in Scotland


Ella Ames is a writer and editor with a focus on personal finance and small business topics. Her work has appeared in The Balance, LendingTree, ValuePenguin, EE Times, PolicyMe, AllBusiness.com, Promo.com, Cities of the Future, PopSugar, The Tribune, and more. 

Ames has a background in business journalism, and began covering small business in 2015. She enjoys helping readers broaden their financial knowledge and gain control over their finances. 


 Ames graduated from the University of Dundee in Scotland.