Running a construction business is complicated, but potentially lucrative. Learn how to make bids, procure materials and equipment, hire employees, and keep up with the latest industry trends and technology.
Smiling female architect standing with team at construction site
How to Get a California Contractor's License
Industrial cement mixer emptying load into building foundations
Differential Settlement of a Foundation Can Be a Serious Problem
Construction manager and architect at construction site looking at book and plans
The 8 Best Construction Management Books
Woman signing contract at desk at car dealership
10 Documents to Include in Your Construction Contracts
infographic of the four common types of construction contracts
Common Construction Contracts for Your Product or Project
Construction crew looking over blue prints
Bid on Commercial Construction Jobs With Estimating Software
Young engineer checking plans
3 Types of Hold Harmless Agreements and Why You Need Them
construction engineer at large condominium building site
How to Create a Detailed Scope of Work
Male foreman, engineers and construction workers meeting at construction site
The 7 Most Demanded Construction Jobs
Construction site
9 Essential Bonds and Insurance for Construction Companies
Shaking on a deal
7 Basics You Should Know About Construction Contracts
Building complex using solar panels constructed with the use of LEED practices and methods.
What Are the Benefits of LEED Certification?
Two Men recording a podcast, sitting at table with two microphones, laptop, sound board, and script
The Top 4 Construction Podcasts
Qatar Looks To 2022 FIFA World Cup
Common Insurances Construction Contractors Must Have
A construction forewoman is overseeing the installation of a large concrete form.
A Day in the Life of a Construction Foreman
Construction Worker on a worksite filing a report with iPad
Non-Conformance Report: How to Report a Quality Issue
Builder and architect on building site
Understanding Coverage and Limitations of Builder's Risk Insurance
builders on a job site working on digital devices
Top Construction Blogs You Actually Want to Read
Male engineers at construction site
Create a Winning Proposal During the RFP Process
Construction workers working on construction site
3 Types of Construction Management Plans
What does a construction manager do?
What Does a Construction Manager Do?
Sites around a Nuclear Power Plant require environmental site assessments
When Is an Environmental Site Assessment Needed?
construction blueprints
Learn About General Conditions in Construction Contracting
Person using a pen
Bid Bonds Are Like Insurance for Construction Bids
Engineer working with laptop computer
What Is Construction Engineering Management or CEM?
Contractor and owner agreeing to a lump sum construction contract
What You Should Know About Lump Sum Construction Contracts
Construction worker with digital tablet in construction site
The Best Ways to Attract People to Your Construction Company
A construction engineer and contractor discussing a project that uses agile construction management style
Improve Your Workflow With Agile Construction Management
Teamwork building construction
4 Construction Scheduling Techniques to Manage Your Project
Construction workers
What Is the Typical Salary for a Construction Manager?
SimpleBuild project dashboard
The Simple Build: Makes Construction Management Easier
Architect blueprint
Recording the "As-Built Drawings" Is a Critical Final Construction Step
Construction workers using laptop on construction site
How to Start Your Own Construction Management Company
Roadway construction sign telling drivers to expect delays.
Techniques to Speed the Process for Accelerated Construction Schedule
Two workers on a construction project site reviewing building plans
How and Where Builders Can Subscribe to Receive Bid Opportunities
Male foreman, engineers and construction workers meeting at construction site
Using Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling in Construction
illustrated representation of Performance bonds
Does Every General Contractor Need a Performance Bond?
Caucasian worker hammering wood at construction site
Construction-Grade Cell Phone Cases
Builder and architect on building site
Why You Need a Payment Bond for a Construction Project
Close up of architects reviewing blueprints in office
Pros and Cons of Design-Build Contracts
Construction management business owners
A Day in the Life of a Construction Manager
Accepting a contractor's bid by signing on the dotted line.
The Difference Between a Construction Bid and an Estimate
A worker with rented construction equipment
Here Is a Look at the Benefits of Renting Construction Equipment
Close up of hands of person making points in meeting
Follow These Rules to Become a Great Contract Negotiator
Construction workers carrying a steel beam, working under an indemnity clause.
Indemnity Clauses in Construction Contracts
Building frame
How to Estimate Structural Steel Cost for Construction Projects
A rigging plan is developed every time a heavy load is being lifted.
Create a Rigging Plan to Help You Lift Heavy Loads
Workers on construction site conferring.
Project Labor Agreements, PLA,Labor Agreement, Union Labor Agreement
Female building engineer using a tablet on her work site
Best Construction Apps of 2022
Pacific Islander construction worker adjusting house frame
Learn About Subcontractor Default Insurance
Engineers and construction workers reviewing blueprints at construction site
A Simple Guide to Cost-Plus Contracts and Variations
Cement Truck Leaving a Construction Site
Estimating Costs for Concrete Formwork, Rebar, Labor, and Ready-Mix
construction contracts
Applications and Payment Forms for Getting Paid on Construction Jobs
Drawings and prints
Soft Costs Are Normally 30 Percent of the Total Construction Cost
Foreman writing on a clipboard at a construction site
What Is a Construction Contract Agreement?
Overhead view of architects and designers reviewing blueprints
How to Use the Pull Planning Approach to Save Money
Construction foremen reviewing plans on a digital tablet.
The Pros and Cons of a CMAR Contract for a Construction Job
Hoover Tower Construction
How to Classify Hard Costs in Construction Projects
Construction Crews Working on a Time and Material Contract
Understanding Time and Material – T&M Construction Contracts
Construction job bid using an escalation clause in the contract.
How to Adjust Construction Cost Using Escalation Clauses