The 8 Best Tea Kettles of 2022

Get through the workday with the perfect cup of tea

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Whether you prefer green or black tea, a nice cup of hot tea can help you get through a busy workday. Instead of using a microwave, however, consider investing in a tea kettle to make the perfectly brewed cup. From traditional stovetop options to modern electric models, here are the best tea kettles to have in your office kitchen.

Best Overall: Dash Easy Electric Kettle

For offices on a tight budget, the Dash Easy Electric Kettle is a great, no-frills option that comes with enough features for most needs. Available in colors like Aqua and Red, it has a fun, retro aesthetic. It also has rapid boil technology that heats up the water quickly, so you won’t need to wait an extra minute to enjoy your beverage. At 57 ounces, the generous size also makes this plastic kettle ideal for heating foods like soup, oatmeal, or even noodles. Plus, it comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

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Best Electric: Smeg Electric Tea Kettle

Despite its vintage looks, Smeg’s Electric Tea Kettle boasts lots of modern tech features. The stainless steel powder-coated body facilitates quick heating and keeps the water piping hot. It even has a removable limescale filter, which is ideal if you have hard water (or water with high mineral content).

It also shuts off automatically when all the water is poured out, which isn’t common in most electric models and won't become a fire hazard. Additionally, this tea kettle is available in a variety of colors including Pastel Blue, Pastel Green, and Red. At 1.7 quarts, it is also large enough to serve multiple people.

Best Glass: OXO Cordless Glass Electric Kettle

The OXO Cordless Glass Electric Kettle is an innovative, sleek kettle that brings up to 8 cups (or 1.75 liters) of water to a rolling boil. This is a great option for serving tea to a large office because it's cordless when removed from the 360-degree swivel base. So, there’s no need to carry individual mugs of hot water away from the kitchen and risk potentially spilling it. The stainless steel base is also useful for protecting surfaces from becoming scorched by the hot glass. Even more, it shuts off automatically for safety.

Best Budget: Proctor Silex Electric Tea Kettle

For a simple, budget-friendly option, you can't go wrong with the Proctor Silex Electric Tea Kettle. Unlike other models in this price range, it has a rapid boil system and automatic shutoff with boil-dry protection, which keeps it from getting too hot when empty. Additionally, the tea kettle has an illuminated on/off switch along with two water windows, so you never have to guess if the levels are full. On top of that, the detachable cord makes it easy to serve. Keep in mind that this kettle holds just 1 liter of water, so it's not ideal for serving tea to multiple people.

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Best Features: Cuisinart PerfecTemp Electric Tea Kettle

If you take your tea very seriously, the Cuisinart PerfecTemp Electric Tea Kettle is the perfect choice for you. It has six heat settings, allowing you to achieve the right temperature for the type of tea you’re drinking including green, white, oolong, herbal, and black.

The 1.7-liter kettle also has a memory feature that instantly activates when it's removed from the base, keeping its place in the heating process for up to two minutes. And if you need more time before pouring your cup, the kettle will keep the water warm for up to 30 minutes. Tea lovers will also appreciate the removable and washable scale filter along with a concealed heating element, both of which prevent mineral buildup. 

Best Whistling: KitchenAid Whistling Stovetop Kettle

If your office kitchen has a stove, the KitchenAid Whistling Stovetop Kettle is a fun choice for serving tea. It has a large base, so it will heat water quickly and the whistle will let you know when the water is done boiling.

Made from stainless steel and porcelain, this 2-quart kettle is both durable and attractive. The large handle is ergonomically designed and easy to grip, and the thumb press spout makes pouring fast, easy, and safe. On top of that, this tea kettle has a lifetime limited warranty.

Best Splurge: Fellow Raven Stovetop Tea Kettle

With a modern shape and beautiful finish, the Fellow Raven Stovetop Tea Kettle will add a touch of style to any office space. While it doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as other kettles on the market, it has a filter for loose-leaf teas along with a built-in thermometer and temperature guide. It’s also the only non-electric kettle that can help achieve the precise temperature for the type of tea you’re drinking. Just place the leaves into the filter and steep; once the tea is brewed, remove the filter and enjoy. This stainless steel tea kettle has a 1-liter capacity.

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Best for Style: Le Creuset Demi Tea Kettle

Featuring the brand's signature style, Le Creuset's Demi Tea Kettle is a decorative piece that'll look beautiful sitting on an office kitchen stove. It's available in several colors including Deep Teal, Flame (a bright red and orange ombre), and Marseille (a rich blue).

This kettle doesn't skip out on functionality, either—it’s compatible with any stovetop heat source including gas, electric, and induction ranges. With durable enamel-on-steel construction, it also has an ergonomic locking handle for easy pouring. This whistling tea kettle has a 1.25-quart capacity.

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