The 4 Best Home Office Desks of 2022

Getting work done on these tables shouldn't be a problem

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If you run a business or work from home, the kitchen table is not an ideal workspace. The best work happens in a dedicated office space, and to complete that office space you need a desk. But when choosing a desk for your home office, you’ll want to the right desk to suit your daily duties and work style. That may mean just a simple place to use a laptop or a full-functioning workstation with storage and space for multiple monitors. Some other key considerations to take into account are size, construction (solid wood or particle board?), shape (rectangle, corner, U-shaped or standing?), drawer space and file storage (do you have a lot of documents you'll need to easily access?).

With so much to look into when it comes to finding the right option, we put together a list of the best home office desks to buy today, so new home workers and work at home veterans alike will find something that works in a variety of spaces.

Best Corner Desk: Sauder Harbor View Corner Computer Desk

Sauder 417586 Harbor View Computer Desk
 Courtesy of Amazon

The Sauder Harbor View Corner Computer Desk is a great deal for a corner desk. It comes with plenty of room for a laptop, a keyboard tray, three drawers (one doubles as a hanging file storage) and a cabinet. A grommet hole is included for easy cable management between your computer and the keyboard tray below. The desktop measures 66 ⅛” on the two sides, both of which are 20 ½” deep.

Sauder furniture is not quite as heavy duty as some others, so you should not think of this as the most premium of corner desks. But the price is right and the desk offers a great value. If you want to decorate the whole office, you can find matching bookcases and other items to tie the room together.

Best Simple Wood: Alera Valencia Series

This desk doesn’t offer too much to get excited about. It just works. The plain wooden desk has no drawers or special features, but it does offer a nice, big desktop surface.

The desk is made of four pieces of wood, a top, a back and two sides. It also has to plastic slots where you can run wires to connect up a computer, light or another corded device. Amazon currently offers the desk in four sizes, the biggest of which features an impressive 71” x 35.5” top.

If you just want a well-rated desk that works, you won’t be disappointed with this sturdy and attractive mahogany. But that mahogany is just a surface added to pressed particle board, as is common with many budget-friendly desks.

Best U-Shaped: Ameriwood Home Pursuit U-Shaped Desk

If you want to be surrounded by work on three sides, you need a U-shaped desk. This helps you turn your home office into a true command center. This desk bundle also includes a hutch, so you get extra storage space above your regular desktop.

This desk is not cheap, but it is a good value. The desk fits together three desktops to create the wraparound workspace. The base and sides are a neutral gray and the desktop is a cherry wood. You can order the desk in multiple configurations, with the U-shape with hutch coming in as the most luxurious. Also note that the desk does not come with built-in storage, but Ameriwood offers matching storage options for an extra fee.

This desk does require a good sized room to fit well and look nice, but it also maximizes the space around you so you don’t need other tables or storage as you might need with some traditionally shaped desks. When fully assembled, the main desk measures 66” x 29.5”, the bridge is 46.4” x 19.5” and the back hutch side is 66” x 11.5”. That’s a lot of desk space.

Best Wall Mounted: Prepac Wall Mounted Floating Desk

Prepac Wall Mounted Floating Desk


If you live in an apartment that feels more like a fancy dorm room, you may find yourself tapped out for space. In this case, you can just hook your desk to the wall like a picture or heavy artwork.

This floating wall desk has to be mounted well to your wall to stay up, but once it is in you’ll be happy with the result. The desktop is a modest size, but plenty for a laptop or notebook. It also has storage cubbies on both sides and shelf on top to squeeze out a few more square feet of storage space in your small work area.

The desk offers a modern design that looks cool in almost any space. It measures 42 ¼” x 19 ¾” and is 39 ¾” tall. It is a fun way to maximize your space in smaller home offices or home offices that double for other uses.

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