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Food truck insurance is insurance tailored to the needs of food truck operators. It generally takes a collection of different policies to get the right amount and types of coverage. Prices vary based on several factors including the type of food served, amount of coverage, previous claims, and more. 

We reviewed more than a dozen food truck insurance companies before choosing the best in five different categories. We compared them based on the types of coverage they offer, available discounts, customer service, and more. Keep reading to find out more about which food truck insurance is right for your business.

Best Food Truck Insurance for 2022

Best Overall : Food Liability Insurance Program

Food Liability Insurance Program

 Food Liability Insurance Program

Why We Chose It: The Food Liability Insurance Program specializes in the food services industry, so it is knowledgeable and offers same-day coverage that can be purchased online.

What We Like
  • Buy insurance online

  • Policy goes into effect immediately after payment

  • Easy to reach customer service

What We Don’t Like
  • Not as many types of coverage options as some companies

  • Limited online policy management

Food Liability Insurance Program, also known as FLIP, is an online insurance program designed to cater to the specific and often unmet insurance needs of the food truck, vending, and food distribution industries. It also serves bakers, commercial kitchens, farmers markets, personal chefs, and other food-related businesses. It is managed by Veracity Insurance Solutions, LLC, and partnered with Great American Insurance Company, which has an A+ rating with AM Best Rating Services. Coverage is available nationwide, but FLIP doesn’t provide insurance for non-food-related industries such as auto or life insurance. 

You can purchase a food truck insurance policy online and as soon as payment is received the policy is active, so this is helpful if you need immediate coverage without a waiting period. Customer service is easily accessible through an online contact form, email, over the phone, and an online chat option. 

FLIP writes policies through an RPG (Risk Purchasing Group), which gives each insured business its own dedicated limits. Coverage includes general commercial and product liability coverage as well as coverage for your business’s personal property and an optional trailer endorsement. Building insurance and workers' compensation coverage can be purchased separately. 

There is no deductible on the liability coverage and free additional insureds are included. Annual policies start at $299, but it’s best to contact the company directly for complete coverage options and any applicable discounts.

Best for Quick Coverage :

Why We Chose It: It pairs your food truck with the best coverage at the best price usually within an hour.

What We Like
  • Connects you to the best insurance company for your business needs 

  • Get a quote in a few minutes 

  • Get coverage usually within an hour 

What We Don't Like
  • Can’t compare quotes upfront

  • Don’t know which company you will be using until you’re paired with them

Founded in 2009 as an online insurance referral service, doesn’t sell or underwrite the policies but rather connects you to the companies that do. It focuses on giving your company quick coverage and usually takes less than an hour from the time you contact the company until you have an active food truck insurance policy. You can fill out an online form and get matched to an insurance specialist or you can call them instead. 

The company can offer competitively priced policies because it refers so many customers to its partners. It doesn’t specialize in the food services industry but does specialize in providing different types of insurance coverage to small businesses. In addition to food trucks, it provides coverage to a variety of businesses including the trucking industry and general contractors. It offers general liability, commercial auto, workers' compensation, errors and omissions, property insurance, and more types of coverage. 

Since the company serves so many types of businesses with varying coverage needs, no pricing is available online. You’ll need to speak with an insurance specialist for the best prices and specific policy information.

Best for Comparison Shopping : Insureon



Why We Chose It: Insureon offers multiple small business insurance quotes with one simple online application. 

What We Like
  • Get multiple quotes with one application

  • Apply and manage your policy online

  • Several options to contact customer service

What We Don’t Like
  • Broker fees may be charged

  • Pricing not available upfront

  • Carrier reviews and ratings vary

Insureon was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Chicago. It is an independent marketplace that delivers insurance coverage to small businesses in a variety of industries, including food trucks, landscaping, health care, building design, cleaning, consulting, and more. In addition to insurance, it also provides small business resources, insurance requirements by state, and insurance industry terms and definitions.

Types of coverage include general and professional liability, business owner’s policy, workers' compensation, commercial auto, umbrella, property insurance, and more. 

The website is easy to navigate, and you can contact customer service online through a chat or email, or over the phone. You fill out one online application and will then be able to compare quotes from several different highly rated insurance carriers. These quotes are available to view in your online account. 

There isn’t any upfront pricing or discount information available because there are so many coverage options. Although the company doesn’t sell insurance, it matches you with suitable companies that do.

Best for Discounts : Progressive Commercial

Progressive Commercial

 Progressive Commercial

Why We Chose It: It’s a long-standing and reputable insurance company that offers nationwide coverage with a variety of discounts.

What We Like
  • Many discounts offered

  • Reputable, well-known insurance company

  • You can get a quote and purchase the policy online

What We Don’t Like
  • Commercial customers can’t file claims online

  • Have to go through other carriers for coverage outside of commercial auto

Although Progressive doesn’t specialize just in the food services industry, it does offer this coverage, has a positive industry reputation, and has been around since 1937. The company has been providing commercial insurance for more than 45 years. The company insures more than one million commercial vehicles from hundreds of thousands of small business owners across the country. In addition to providing food truck insurance, it also provides insurance for tow truck companies, contractors, landscapers, dump trucks, and more. 

You can get a quote online or by calling an in-house specialist. Custom policies are available, and there are eight commercial discounts that may be applicable. Some discounts include bundling, continuous uninterrupted coverage, no previous claims, paying the policy in full, and previous business experience in the food truck industry. 

Policies typically start at $2,208 per year for commercial auto coverage, and the other coverage types would increase the policy premium amount. Your insurance specialist can give you more exact pricing and coverage details.

The company has an A+ rating with AM Best and is the most well-known insurance company on our list. It offers commercial auto coverage, general liability, business insurance, professional liability, workers' compensation, cyber insurance, and more. It writes its own commercial auto insurance policies, but the other types of coverage are offered from other insurance carriers through what is known as The Progressive Advantage Business Program.

Best Customer Service : Insure My Food Truck

Insure My Food Truck

 Insure My Food Truck

Why We Chose It: Insure My Food Truck specializes in insuring food trucks, knows the industry well, offers online quotes, and is dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

What We Like
  • Specializes in the food truck industry so is knowledgeable

  • An industry news blog with relevant topics

  • Takes an interest in each company they insure

What We Don’t Like
  • Website is on the basic side and doesn’t have as many features as other companies’ sites

  • No online claims process

Insure My Food Truck was founded in 2010 to help to protect food trucks, mobile food vendors, and food trailers while providing quality service and coverage at the best possible price. It works with leading insurance carriers to provide competitive rates, and since the company knows the industry, it better understands what type of coverage a food truck business needs and doesn’t need. Its headquarters is located in Lafayette, California, and it’s underwritten by Brown & Brown Insurance Services of California. 

The company is focused on customer service, and you can contact them through their website, by email, and over the phone, with extended customer service and claims hours. It seems to genuinely care about its customers and even asks for their social media handles so it can follow their food trucks’ progress. It also has a food truck industry blog on its site with information that affects the industry. 

You can get a quote online and the application only takes about three minutes. However, the actual quote may not come back until later that day. You can also get a quote over the phone. The company offers custom coverage and doesn’t provide information on pricing or discounts upfront. You need to contact them directly for more details on the types of coverage offered.

Final Verdict

The food truck insurance companies that made our list are the top in the industry and all have different qualities to offer. Some focus solely on the restaurant, food truck, and hospitality industries, while others offer insurance to more industries. Some sites also offer additional food truck industry insights and tips, and others offer online quotes and immediate coverage. 

Overall, we recommend checking out the Food Liability Insurance Program because it caters to the food truck industry, has strong financial ratings, and offers policies with same-day coverage.

Compare Providers

Best Food Truck Insurance of 2022
Company Why We Chose it Standout Feature
Food Liability Insurance Program  Reputable company that knows the food truck industry Online chat option Get coverage typically within an hour Matches your insurance needs with the best coverage
Insureon Easy to comparison shop One online application is good for multiple quotes
Progressive Commercial Long industry history and lots of discounts offered  Discount for industry experience 
Insure My Food Truck  Focused on customer service and specializes in food trucks Knows the industry and provides relevant news 

What Is Food Truck Insurance?

Food truck insurance is a type of insurance specifically for the food truck industry. It’s typically made up of several different types of insurance including commercial auto insurance, general liability insurance, workers' compensation insurance, and a business owner's policy. Some insurers combine these policies into one, and others offer them separately and let you customize the policy to exactly what you need. 

Typically the following types of food trucks will need food truck insurance:

  • Concession truck
  • Lunch truck
  • Ice cream truck
  • Catering truck
  • Mobile food truck
  • Vending truck

Why Does a Food Truck Need Insurance?

A food truck needs insurance to protect the business, the business owner, and its employees from potential financial loss and litigation. For instance, a customer may get burned from a deep fryer on the truck and may try to sue for damages. 

When you have the proper insurance policy, the insurance will handle the claim and pay out as needed without you being personally responsible for medical bills. Having food truck insurance can save you time, money, and preserve your business and its reputation. 

What Type of Insurance Does a Food Truck Need?

A food truck typically needs the following types of insurance:

  • Commercial Auto Insurance: This will protect your food truck from damage, vandalism, and theft. It also protects permanently attached appliances and equipment. In addition, it can cover property damage and third-party injuries if the driver is liable in an accident.
  • General Liability Insurance: This protects yourself and your business from financial liability due to accidents or food poisoning, etc. 

In addition to these two main types of coverage, the owner may opt to add on riders or additional coverage with higher limits and other types of insurance including workers' compensation and business interruption insurance, as well as an optional trailer endorsement. 

How Much Does Food Truck Insurance Cost?

The cost of food truck insurance varies based on several factors including the value of the food truck, its geographic location, types of coverage chosen, type of food served, your personal credit score, any prior insurance claims, and more. Expect to pay anywhere from $299 to more than $2,200 per year depending on the type of coverage you choose. You may end up with multiple policies or one policy with custom coverage, endorsements, and riders. 

Keep in mind that in addition to food truck insurance, there are a lot of other costs, including purchasing food truck equipment, buying or leasing the vehicle, food costs, licenses, paying employees, and more. 


We researched more than a dozen companies that offer food truck insurance and then narrowed them down to our top choices. When comparing food truck insurance, we considered types of coverage offered, ease of obtaining a policy, customer service, pricing if available, discounts, and any additional perks or resources the company offers. 

The top contenders on our list are all reputable, have years of industry experience, and offer coverage specifically for the food truck industry.

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