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Construction bid sites help contractors and subcontractors find projects they can bid on to gain more connections and get more work. These sites allow users to create custom searches, get alerts of new opportunities by email, and submit bids to the right decision-makers.

In a survey of 235 construction companies, 59% used software for running bids and 52% worked from a pre-approved list of contractors. What’s more, 18% of bidders said incomplete information about a project stopped them from making a bid. As a result, these contractors are missing out on winning new jobs and making it on those companies’ go-to vendor lists.

We looked at over a dozen construction bid sites for this review and chose the best based on the number of opportunities available, ease of use, bidding and tracking tools, price, and more. Here are our top picks.

The 6 Best Construction Bid Sites of 2022

Best Overall : BidClerk



Established in 2001, BidClerk merged with three other online construction data and bid management companies to become ConstructConnect in 2016. We chose it as the best overall due to its vast network of thousands of architects, engineers, general contractors, municipalities, and governmental agencies.

BidClerk is a construction bidding website with over 400,000 projects added each year and 1.1 million active contacts. It features projects from all over the U.S. and Canada, the ability to search by project location, detailed project summaries, and contact information for key decision-makers.

BidClerk’s powerful search features allow users to sort by specific criteria and metrics, create filters and tags, and get alerts on new projects sent to their inbox. The website also makes it easy to search project plans and documents by keyword and trade code; search for owners, engineers, and decision-makers on every project; and view contact cards with LinkedIn details.

BidClerk offers a mobile-friendly interface for users on the go or on the job site. Users can also share projects, sync upcoming project events to their favorite calendars, and use built-in analytics tools to instantly spot opportunities within their niche and market.     

BidClerk does not list prices on its website. BidClerk members have unlimited access to project information per user, including bidding information, project details, project documents, site maps, and more.

Runner-Up, Best Overall : Construction Bid Source

Construction Bid Source

Construction Bid Source

Construction Bid Source was created by Regis Communications in 1992 to give contractors and suppliers access to construction projects out to bid in California and other western states. We chose it as our runner-up because, although it doesn’t list projects in every state, it does offer both free and paid memberships.

Starting in 1994, Construction Bid Source began helping companies fulfill their Good Faith Effort (GFE) requirements. The company helps contractors post Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) solicitations and assist with research, solicitation, and GFE forms. Pricing is based on the services needed.  

Construction Bid Source offers a free Basic membership that lets users search and view projects out to bid, advertise their company on projects, create a list of favorite projects, and place DBE ads ($35 per ad). Subcontractors can view bid dates for any number of projects in their area filtered by location.

Construction Bid Source’s paid Standard membership also lets users get daily email notifications about bids, view owner contact info, and view and download bid documents. Users who place more than 10 DBE ads per month may want to opt for the DBE Advertising membership which offers all the features of the Basic membership plus unlimited DBE ads.

Basic Plan

  • Free
  • Search/view projects out to bid
  • Advertise company on projects
  • Add projects to favorites list
  • Place DBE ads ($35 per ad)

Standard Plan

  • $39.95 per month
  • All Basic Plan features
  • Search builder daily email notifications
  • View owner contact info
  • View/download bid documents

DBE Advertising

  • $349 per year
  • All Basic Plan features
  • Unlimited DBE ads

Best for Quick Setup : ConstructionWire



ConstructionWire was established by BuildCentral, a developer of database products for suppliers and vendors. We chose it as the best for quick setup because it offers an easy-to-use interface and flexible pricing plans to help users get started quickly.

ConstructionWire makes it easy to search for bids from over 525,000 mostly private commercial projects in its database, each with a value of at least $500,000. Users can search by project, company, or person through three reports: Project Report, Company Report, and People Report.  

The Project Report provides users with leads on new mostly private and commercial construction projects in the planning, bidding, and pre-construction stages. Company Reports provide detailed profiles of companies offering new projects, including the developers, architects, and contractors. Finally, People Reports provide detailed profiles of key decision-makers, including name, title, phone, email, and biography.

ConstructionWire claims to verify all projects by phone to ensure validity and accuracy and boasts the ability to get data on private projects that are often missed by other providers. The site also offers project email alerts in newsletter format, organizing and grouping projects in folders, and creating and tracking activities on projects with tasks and notes. 

ConstructionWire offers three subscription plans, all with a seven-day free trial.

Regional Portal

  • $250 per month
  • Access projects, companies, and people in three states
  • Up to three users
  • 500 downloads per month

National Portal

  • Pricing based on company size, desired add-ons, and integrations
  • Access projects, companies, and people in all 50 states
  • Five+ users
  • 500 downloads per month
  • Five Project Q&As per month

Data Services

  • Contact Sales for custom pricing
  • Salesforce integration
  • Match and append
  • Custom download
  • Portal access

Best for Small Jobs : iSqFt



Founded in 1993, iSqFt provides subcontractors with actionable bid data to help them connect with general contractors. We chose it as the best for small jobs because it allows contractors to send bid invites directly to subcontractors to help establish close working relationships.

iSqFt offers up-to-date bidders lists and private projects and access to their network of general contractors. The platform also offers advanced and auto search options, takeoff and estimating tools, and the ability to share projects and information with just a few clicks. Users can also search by keywords in project drawings and get daily project alerts with updates and invites to bid from general contractors (GCs).

One of iSqFt’s most powerful features is its ability to promote subcontractors to over 1,500 GCs. The company claims to provide users with four times more GC invites with hundreds of GCs joining iSqFt every year. By building more direct relationships with GCs, iSqFt users get more opportunities to connect and find more work.

iSqFt doesn’t offer pricing on its website. We were also unable to find any third-party sources offering pricing information.

Best for Larger Companies : Dodge Construction Central

Dodge Construction Central

Dodge Construction Central

Dodge Construction Central is a construction bidding software developed by Dodge Data & Analytics. The company receives strong customer reviews. We chose it as the best for larger companies because it’s a comprehensive source for leads, bids, research, industry news, and products.

At its core, Dodge Construction Central is a project bidding tool with 6,500 projects updated or added daily, 22,000 new bidding opportunities each month, and 110,000 projects with plans and specs. Although Dodge Construction Central offers leads nationwide, users can easily drill down to their local level to target the right projects.

The platform also offers many other advanced features to help subcontractors get more qualified leads and win top projects. Users can see who else is bidding and how serious they are based on plan downloads and get advanced notices on public construction projects. Dodge Construction Central also provides access to deep analytics and construction market trends from research, economics, and analysis experts augmented with artificial intelligence (AI).

Dodge Construction Central also lets architects, designers, contractors, and owners research, compare, and select building products directly from manufacturers’ websites. Users can get supporting documents, including specifications, installation, and warranty information to help document their designs.

Dodge Construction Central doesn’t offer pricing on its website nor any clear way of getting a quote besides requesting a demo. We were unable to find any third-party sources offering pricing information.

Best for Government Projects :

Although not managed by government officials or agencies, has been offering construction bids since 1998. We chose it as the best for government projects due to its ease of use and reputation as the top source for federal, state, and local government bids.

While does not offer the most modern interface and design, it is cleaner and easier to use than most other government bid sites. Users can search over 35,000 government RFPs, contracts, bids, and procurement systems by keywords, region, categories, and publication dates in more than 200 industry classifications. The site also makes it easy to set up free custom daily email alerts of new bidding opportunities, though a paid subscription is required to see the bid documents, agency, and descriptions. also offers a bidding advice section with articles, whitepapers, case studies, a newsletter, and a glossary to help users learn the ins and outs of bidding for government contracts. offers four monthly subscriptions based on the types of bids users are looking for.


  • $44 per month
  • Access to state and local agency bids
  • Daily email bid notification
  • Search through all bids, upcoming bids, and awards

Federal & State/Local

  • $73 per month
  • Access to federal, state, and local agency bids
  • All State/Local features


  • $87 per month
  • All Federal & State/Local features
  • See upcoming opportunities before they become bids

Awards & Advance

  • $131 per month
  • All Federal & State/Local features
  • See the winning bidder and amount on bids awarded

What Are Construction Bid Sites?

Construction bid sites provide a list of construction projects needing contractors and subcontractors to help during pre-construction and construction. Because it can be very time-consuming to prepare a bid, these sites give users detailed information about each project so they can determine if it’s a fit for their business and worth bidding on.     

How Do Construction Bid Sites Work?

Construction bid sites make it easy for contractors and subcontractors to search for construction projects in the local area and in their field of expertise. Instead of spending hours or days sorting through local municipal or government sites for bid opportunities, users can search by keywords in the job description or project documents, location, or even the name of a company.

Construction bid sites also feature powerful contact tools that help bidders find the right decision-makers for each project. This ability to establish relationships with the right contact can place a bidder at the top of the list and help them win the job.

To help contractors and subcontractors find more opportunities faster, most construction bid sites let users set up daily email alerts about new projects and project updates and use advanced tags and filters to target only the jobs they want to bid on.   

How Much Do Construction Bid Sites Cost?

Many construction bid sites don’t publish fees on their websites to encourage vendors to contact them for custom pricing. Of the companies we reviewed, pricing ranged from $44 to $250 per month, with the higher prices reflecting more advanced search tools and access to more detailed project information.

How Do You Win Construction Bids?

Contractors and subcontractors are able to win bids if they can prove they are the best choice for the job. The detailed job descriptions offered on most good construction bid sites can help them find the perfect projects for their experience and skill so they can focus their attention on winning the bids that will get them more work and make them more money.

Because companies tend to use the same vendors over and over again for their projects, construction bid sites can also be a valuable tool to help contractors and subcontractors get their foot in the door to these companies.

How We Chose the Best Construction Bid Sites 

We looked at over a dozen construction bid sites for this review. While sites that offered a huge database of opportunities topped our list, we focused on those that offered customizable filters and tags to help vendors find the right opportunities.

It was also important to include sites that were easy to use. Because good bidding opportunities can disappear overnight, we made sure our providers let users sign up for daily email alerts with new opportunities and updates. 

Finally, although many of the sites we reviewed didn’t list their prices, we tried to avoid providers that charged exorbitant subscription fees while offering the same opportunities and tools as more affordable options. In the end, a good construction bid site should help vendors land regular projects from the same companies instead of having to constantly chase after new bids.

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